• 1987: European  Union  Prize  for  Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award – Acropolis Restoration Committee for the conservation and restoration project of the Erechtheion
  • 2002: Medal of Honor of Europa Nostra – marble-cutter technician Yiannis Arbilias, head of the crew of the  Parthenon  restoration  program  from  1983  to 2000.
  • 2005: European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage, Europa Nostra Awards 2005, Cat. IB Diploma, Project “Unification and Enhancement of the Archaeological sites around the Acropolis” was awarded to the 1st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. http://www.europanostra.org/laureates-2005/
  • 2013:
  1. Europa Nostra-Category 1-Conservation-  PROPYLAEA CENTRAL BUILDING, ACROPOLIS Conservation, 2013 http://www.europanostra.org/awards/98/
  1. Europa Nostra-Category 3- Dedicated Service- ESMA- COMMITTEE FOR THE CONSERVATION OF THE ACROPOLIS MONUMENTS, 2013 http://www.europanostra.org/awards/116/